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5 Tips to Sell Your House More Quickly and Make More Money

Selling your home is a process, but you can make it easier (and make more money!) if you do these simple steps. The idea is to make your home more appealing than it already is to your prospective buyers.

1. Clean! Even if your house is dated, has older decor, or is simply an older home, a clean house is perceived as well maintained. Do detail cleaning—use a toothbrush to clean crevices and caulking, remove mildew in the shower, etc.

2. Eliminate clutter. Since you’re moving anyway, pack up and get a head start on moving day. Declutter your closets, shelves, etc. But don’t pack up your garage—that makes it seem like you don’t have enough storage in your house.

3. Maintain your lawn. You don’t need a perfect lawn or garden to appeal to potential buyers, but your lawn or garden does need to be trim, neat, and without weeds. Consider adding a planter or two for visual interest and to increase your curb appeal.

4. Make your wood look good. Refurbish areas on your cabinets, especially in the kitchen, and make sure your floors are in good condition. It’s inexpensive to have a carpenter come in and repair or restore small areas around your house.

5. Check your lights. Make sure your lights are clean, the bulbs work, and that you are using the same type of bulb throughout your home. If you have LEDs or fluorescents in one room, use the same bulb for all of your rooms. For showings, make sure the lights are on to make visitors feel welcome.

BONUS 6. Be selective about your home improvement projects. Many people do home improvement projects before selling their homes, but they aren’t always necessary. Consult with your agent so you don’t overspend or do something that limits the appeal of your house to potential buyers.

Do you need help selling or staging your home? Amy Birkholz has over 14 years of experience in residential real estate and can help you manage the process of selling or buying a home. Use the contact form below or call (402) 730-6788.

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